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Restaurante Avó Maria

The restaurant strives for personalized service, quality of cuisine and a careful selection of wines. To these facts, joins the landscape and a recently remodeled facilities making it a refined and comfortable space, making a perfect marriage between Romanticism, Medieval and the Modern...

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Restaurante Mercearia

The name Avó Maria, is a tribute to the grocers who populated the waterfront, along the river Douro, from the sixteenth century. The Ribeira of Porto has always seethed with the number of shopkeepers and traders. Its management tries to do justice to the surrounding area, which is part of the Historic Centre of Oporto and the UNESCO World Heritage.

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Esplanada Taverna Bar
In Esplanada Tavern Bar you will national and traditional snacks. Our kitchen is dedicated to a Service Bar, Snack Bar and Cafeteria, here you can enjoy a unique landscape, making a light meal.

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Apartamentos sobre o Douro
Quality, Elegance, Glamour and Soul...

Apartments very well located on the main street of Ribeira do Porto, recently refurbished and can be rented for 1/3 days, one week or two weeks.

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Ristorante Fiume Douro
Quality and Refinement in a Romantic Atmosphere full of Glamour.

Ristorante Fiume Douro was open to thinking about the fact that the Italian kitchen with quality and tradition, was a segment of the restoration that did not exist in Ribeira do Porto.

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Restaurante Japonês - Cais35 Sushi
UA space where you can enjoy our delicacies, filled with sublime flavors, delicate and with a touch of daring!

Dedicated to Japanese cuisine and Sushi with a contemporary touch, we make daily a careful choice of the best ingredients and fresh Portuguese fish.

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