Over 20 years of history and a new adventure began … In 2018 the new management with another vision radically transformed the entire Villa exposing its qualities.

It has been enlarged to more than 2 hectares and the facilities have been totally rehabilitated and modified, such as the Gardens and all the surrounding area, transforming the Quinta das Camélias into a modern place with a very own and avant-garde custom architecture.

The new management has more than 30 years of experience in the hotel sector, where for decades they have shown competence, professionalism and entrepreneurship, mainly in transforming and exposing modest places, in the best that can be found in the hospitality industry.

More than 2 Hectares

Over 2 hectares of dream facilities, ideal for making every event magical.

We think that each place should have its personality (Alma) and that is how we have always worked, in the case of Quinta das Camélias we expect in the near future to become a place of reference for special events.
Attend to each client with all our sympathy and humility, as we believe that Hospitality is one of the noblest activities where we strive to serve someone well.
Use more than 30 years of experience and “Savoir Faire” so that we can live up to any challenge, and satisfy the most demanding customer.
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